Uber-like in-city Delivery Service

Client came to us with an idea to create a system, similar to Uber, but for in-city commercial cargo transportations. This project determined four components – service itself, drivers, on-line sellers and buyers. Service task was stated as following: to provide online stores with an alternative to existing delivery service and owned auto-parks, thus decreasing price and increasing transparency and quality of service.

Speaking about advantages of such service, sellers would get an opportunity to deliver their product on the same day, drivers would get a fee, users would receive low-priced delivery on the same day, while service would make money on commissions.

In order to increase efficiency with small amount of drivers during the initial step, we made a decision about possible group cargos. We were required to build iOS/Android and web apps for both service administrators, clients and sellers and mobile apps for drivers.

It was interesting that in the client’s country the address system didn’t work properly, and the shipping address or receipt frequently had no address at all. This issue had to be fixed as well. It was also necessary to provide possibility of quick response to abnormal conditions (stolen goods, damage in transit, and return of goods by client).

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