We create websites by using modern technologies
and beautifull custom designs in order to help
you rise your business to the new level
  • European developers and designers
  • Pricing moder affordable for any business size!
  • Dubai based company
  • We focuse on solving business tasks
  • Offering services on development and promotion
  • Aimed at result

If you want your website to stand out,
we are here to help you!

We have deep knowledge of how to build a web tool that brings value to your business. Significant experience in digital marketing of our business analysts can help you build the most suitable and best-working structure for your website, while our design and software development ninjas will implement it on the best international quality level, using cutting edge technologies and modern trends in UX/UI.

اطلب تسعيره

Fast, beautiful, innovative, modern - if these are the words that you would use to describe your dream website, contact us, tell us about your needs and we will gladly help you.

Our main advantages
  • Comprehensive approach towards work - we don’t just stop on just developing, but we take care of business analysis and promo to make website work perfectly.
  • Rich experience in project development of any level of complexity - we don’t care whether it’s big or small, what we want is to make it beautiful and effective.
  • We develop our websites based on the client scope of work and also depending on project goals and requirements - wither its native or using certain framwork, we will gladly consult you on what will fit better.
  • We use wide array of modern technologies and we will make sure to choose the ones that would fit you best.
  • We pay special attention to design and UX - because we care that your project is not only attractive but also easy and clear to use.
  • We support the website after launch and take care of all debugging and fixing, depending on users feedback.
  • We are always in touch with you - to consult you or make changes in a website in any moment.
  • We can also offer marketing services for your website - because even the best products need to be advertised in order to expand the audience reach. And we know how to do it right way.
  • We able to implement complicated business automataion elements in your website, once it is needed.
  • After developing the website we will also gladly offer you consultation on mobile app development if you are interested.
Types of websites and web applications
  • Business card website
  • Corporate website
  • Online catalogue
  • E-commerce website
  • Website for the restaurants (F&B establishments)
  • Services websites
  • And many more
  • -- We can develop a unique functional for any website that can significantly increase business efficiency.


How can you evaluate website quality?
  • Website is supposed to perform the intended function - although it seems obvious, we often notice how much companies miss that in their websites. We know how to determine the main feature, and how to focus users attention on it.
  • Brand recognition - a website can tell you a lot about a company. And we know how to present it the best way.
  • Intuitively clear interface - make your users experience as easy and confortable as possible, and they will come back to you.
  • Easy navigation of the menu - give your user what he is looking for. Quickly and easy.
  • Speed of website performance - modern users don't wait a website to lad more then 3 seconds
  • Focus on the main points and manage of user attention - sometimes less is better, you don't want to distract your user from doing a purchase, or filling a contact form.
  • Easy website administration and content management - make sure it's easy to manage content of your site to stay flexibe implement changes once needed.
  • Platform flexibility for further improvement/expansion - when your business develops and grows, website developes and grows as well. We make sure the platform and structure of your website are flexible enought in order to avoid situation when you have to build it from scratch as time pass. 
  • Performance stability We make sure your website had enough quality assurance to avoid crushes and compatibility issues.
  • Security - we will make sure the data and acceses on your website is secure. It really makes difference.

    Ask us if your are interested to evaluate your website quality and efficiency. 

So how much does it cost?
What budget do you need to start?

Depending on the size of your project, the amount and complicity of functions and frameworks requirements, the website design and development price at Celadon starts from 3900 $.

We use agile payment plans wich starts at 975 $ a week. A simple website can be done in 1 month, and more complex projects can reach up to 2-3 months.

We can work with any reasonable budget, its up to you to chose features and platfroms to start with. The best and the fastest way to get the price is to send us a request and we will get back to you with the proposal.

If you want a consultancy on evaluating your existing website quality efficiency, contact us, and we will be glad to help you.

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How we work

  • When we get a request from you, we will contact you with initial evaluation, and to set up a meeting
  • We research your business and its features
  • We prepare business analysis for you with our vision of the website that you need
  • We agree on the selected features to start with and the budget
  • We develop the solution
  • We implement it and consult your staff on how to use it
  • You get your website, improve efficiency, save costs and get back to us for more ;b
  • We do maintenance, updates and improvements on agreement


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What we are proud of:

  • Custom creative designs
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Regular and detailed development reports that enable you to control budget